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Over the decades, this brand name has become a household name in India while the Company has diversified into the business of new age Home appliances & Industrial Fans.

Playing with Air, has always been tooFAN’s passion, the reason why our fans, ranging from ceiling and table to outdoors and industrial, not only incorporate. the best in aerodynamics but also unique aesthetics.

A producer of numerous types of fans including exquisite, antique finishes to fans specially designed for Dual colour fans and High Speed Fans, “tooFAN” entered the fan business and since then, has never looked back. With innovative designs and excellent finishes being the key elements,” tooFAN” has successfully been able to capture the essence of the customers' needs. An important appliance for every household, it is important that a fan functions properly giving sufficient air flow. The entire range of“tooFAN” is built with the best materials to give optimum results and last long. We bring forward a collection of classic, stylish and efficient fans that you can install in your homes to make them beautiful. Match the fans with your furniture, walls, curtains etc. and find relevant options for your living room, bedroom, dining, balconies, offices, shops and more.

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